We always appreciate the trust and support of customers when ordering products at Therefore, we always try to improve the best service in the spirit of protecting the interests of consumers in order to commit to our customers about the quality of our products and services.

We always commit that all products sold at are 100% quality products and have clear, legal and safe origins for customers.

In order for your shopping at to be a friendly service experience, we hope that you will double-check when you receive your goods:


-Product name, product quality

-Product information, recipient information (Compared with the information on the delivery note placed in the box) during receipt of goods before signing for receipt and payment to the delivery staff.

When customers have goods purchased at that need to be exchanged/returned, please contact us via hotline 0961 699 192.

-For your Order successfully delivered: Up to 30 days. According to the status of the order to be exchanged/returned. (see details at #2 for return and exchange conditions).
– Your order is on the way: When we receive a request from you, we only support you to change another item to better suit your needs / cancel the order. (*) If you cancel the old order, have successfully transferred the payment, without any need to place another order → we will refund you within 7 working days via the banking system from the date of receipt and processing of your request.

We support product exchange/return for you if:

-The product is still in its original packaging.

-The product is also full of accessories, promotional gifts attached VAT invoice (if any).

All return orders need to be photographed and emailed to with the subject line “Order Return #…..”:

– Take pictures of the product status, specifying technical errors if any.

– Take pictures of the packaging status, pay attention to points such as:

+Are the books shrink-wrapped?

+Is the box lined with shredded paper to protect it in transit?

+The box got wet…?

+Product exchange/return content

+How to handle

Technical error of the product – due to the supplier (missing pages, missing spine, duplicate content, electronic products not working ..)

_ The site has products → renew the same product.

_ The site is out of stock → Refund (*)/ You can choose another item at website.

*Note: Product damaged by customer: Does not support return.

-Reasons for exchanging/returning products such as: the customer ordered the wrong product or no longer needs it.

-The product must be intact, with no signs of being used, with all accessories and accompanying gifts (if any).

-Support to recall and refund 100% of product value to customers.

**Note: We unfortunately will not support return shipping costs in this case:

-Wrong delivery / missing delivery (missing ordered products, missing accessories, missing accompanying gifts)

-Wrong delivery → Exchange the correct product ordered.

-Missing delivery → Additional delivery of the missing quantity according to the order

**Poor quality of goods due to shipping: When customers receive the package is dented, wet, we recommend that customers should check the actual goods inside at the time of receiving the goods, please reflect the current page of the goods on the receipt receipt from the staff. delivery and contact us on Hotline 0961 699 192 within 48 hours for specific support.

**Product appearance is not the same as the original description: Please contact us via Hotline 0961 699 192, we are ready to listen and solve for you (specifically on a case-by-case basis).

(*) REFUND METHOD: Via bank account from 2-7 working days (after we receive the returned product).

We will check the above cases and resolve them for you within 30 working days from the time you receive the goods.

– When the return request is resolved, please pack the product as it was when you received it (including products, gifts, accessories attached to the product, etc., if any).

+ Value added invoice of

+ Accessories accompanying the product and accompanying promotional gifts (if any)

– Note: Please be responsible for the intact state of the product when you send it to

+ After receiving the products you send back, will respond and update information on each processing stage to you via phone / email.

If you need further assistance, you can directly contact the hotline 0961 699 192 for quick support.